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Ambient Occlusion for GLTF

Blender materials don’t have a 1:1 representation of Ambient Occlusion so to export to GLTF we have to make a special one by hand. To do this;

  1. Create an Ambient Occlusion node.
  2. Select it and create a group (default: Ctrl-G).
  3. Double click the new group to go inside it.
  4. Delete the Ambient Occlusion node.
  5. In the n-panel on the right of the screen, go to the “Group” tab. If you do not see the panel, click the little arrow to pop it out.
  6. Delete all the inputs except for the Color. Delete all of the outputs.
  7. Double click Color and change the name to Occlusion.
  8. Double click anywhere in empty space on the shader graph to back out of the group.
  9. Rename the group to GLTF Settings – remember the space! It is not case sensitive.
  10. Plug your AO into the new Occlusion slot! You can also plug your lightmap in to make your darks darker.
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