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D.C.C. Software List

About this list

The list below is as inclusive as possible but does not include all possible options, just popular ones.

For explanations on features please see “What is Digital Content Creation Software?

Popular Software Packages


3DCoat by Pilgway
3ds Max by Autodesk
Blender by The Blender Foundation
Cinema 4D by Maxon
Cinema 4D by Maxon
Houdini by SideFX
Lightwave by NewTek
Maya by Autodesk
Modo by The Foundry
Mudbox by Autodesk
Mudbox by Autodesk
Sketchup by Trimble
Medium by Adobe
Medium by Adobe
ZBrush by Pixologic
ZBrush by Pixologic


Milkshape 3D by chUmbaLum sOft
Modo Indie by The Foundry
Rocket3F by Samardac & IStonia Partnership Limited
SculptGL by Stephane Ginier
Silo 3D by Nevercenter
Sketchup by Trimble
Vectary by Vectary, Inc.
Wings 3D by Björn Gustavsson, Dan Gudmundsson, and others
ZBrushCoreMini by Pixologic
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